Hanwo "greenhouse king" helps Shouguang increase high yield and income of high-quality vegetables
Author:Hanwo / Date of publication:2022-01-25 12:22:48

It is Shouguang vegetable greenhouse, such as eggplant, cucumber and other strong growth season, the Four Mile Village of the streets of Los Angeles street, vegetable grower, Dong Chun Shan Tian, all kinds of vegetables, seedlings and fruits are gratifying. "Now all vegetables are mechanized. Almost all vegetables are mechanized from straw returning to the field, tillage and land preparation, sowing and fertilization to picking, harvesting and transportation. With standard ridge spacing, unified plant spacing, precision sowing and precision fertilization, the yield and quality are better than before!" Looking at the green vegetables in the shed, old Dong said happily.

Dong Chunshan, 39, is an expert with nearly 12 years of vegetable planting experience. In the southeast corner of Sili village, in the endless vegetable shed, a vegetable shed covering an area of more than 3 mu is not conspicuous, but the scenery in the shed is particularly gratifying. This is Lao Dong's pepper shed, which is more than 100 meters long. At present, it is the time for land preparation before planting pepper. Lao Dong drives a tractor to weed and rotary tillage every day, and is busy.

Speaking of mechanization in vegetable greenhouses, it may be quite different from the field agricultural mechanization we usually see. In Lao Zhang's greenhouse, a very short tractor is working. "This is a Hummer 'greenhouse King' tractor, specially customized for the greenhouse, with high horsepower and small size, which is very practical." Lao Dong introduced.

"This year's market is good. Last year, the pepper I planted was directly retained as red pepper. It can be sold for 9 yuan a kilogram before and after the Spring Festival. The gross income of this shed is more than 200000 a year. If less than half of the cost is removed, the overall income is OK." Regardless of drinking water and rest, Lao Dong stayed in the greenhouse all day. Although it was hard, he sat on the tractor to share the joy of the harvest when he mentioned this year's harvest.


The red tractor in front of me was made a "hero" by Lao Dong! He bought it after "shopping around" for use in the greenhouse. The vegetable greenhouse has low height and small space, especially the edge of the greenhouse is low, which requires that the tractor and other machinery entering the shed must be small. At the same time, vegetable planting has higher requirements for soil moisture, and subsoiling, rotary tillage and other operations are essential, which requires that the power of the tractor should be large enough. In addition, the tractor is required to cooperate with a variety of machines and tools, Fully meet the operation needs of tillage and land preparation, sowing, fertilization, harvest and transportation in the greenhouse.

"As like as two peas, I bought two sets of tractors," one big car ", one year and a half months. One day, straw returned to the fields and eight such shed. Deep ploughing can make five or six shed a day, and it is very efficient, and there is nothing wrong with it. What's most important is that the original tractor could not work in the shed, and now there is" big canopy "farming to harvest it. Can do it! With higher efficiency, you can have more than one season a year, and the output and income are higher! " Speaking of the tractor being able to work in the shed, Lao Dong was very happy.

For many years, on the fertile land of Shouguang, the villagers have found a new way to grow vegetables in greenhouses and create wealth through their own exploration. In Lao Dong's view, this land is full of "gold", and its large-scale and intensive planting benefits are gradually emerging due to the promotion of mechanization.

We have learned that the vegetable greenhouse needs to be sealed and insulated, which leads to its low structure and high temperature and humidity. It is difficult for ordinary large tractors to meet the operation needs in the shed. It is really difficult to implement comprehensive mechanization.

Therefore, combined with its own technical advantages and greenhouse agronomic needs, humvok agricultural equipment has continuously enriched and improved the product line of special tractor for greenhouse. For example, this humvok 804 'greenhouse King' tractor purchased by Lao Dong is equipped with a national three emission four cylinder engine, which has strong power and adopts the design of exhaust under tail gas, which is environmentally friendly and can well protect vegetable plants; Equipped with differential lock, unilateral braking system and standard single and double speed rear power output as standard, it can turn around in a narrow shed with the smallest radius; When deep ploughing and rotary ploughing in the shed, there is no need to pull out the pile and leave no dead corner. The ploughing depth and rotary crushing speed are greatly improved compared with ordinary single cylinder "small four wheels" and pastoral management machine, with excellent work efficiency and quality; At the same time, it is equipped with different farm implements, which can be applied to the field management of vegetable, flower greenhouse and garden arable land, trenching, fertilizing, soil crushing, spraying and so on. It is ideal for the vegetable planting and garden management to choose the strong lifting and lowering machine to complete the hanging operation of large farm implements.

In order to achieve fine planting, Lao Dong gave up two greenhouses that were flooded last year and concentrated on taking care of this pepper greenhouse. From land consolidation, purchase of seeds and chemical fertilizers to daily field management, Lao Dong can be said to eat and live in a greenhouse, which is indispensable every day.

"I don't lack technology or money." Talking about the current and future plans, Lao Dong said that now his most important thing is to build the infrastructure of vegetable greenhouses, install monitoring and repair roads; At the same time, some practical agricultural machinery will be added to further improve the standardization and mechanization of planting and reduce the dependence on labor. In this way, the quality of vegetables will be improved and the income will be increased while reducing the cost.

I believe that with a simple and energetic greenhouse vegetable wealth creator like Lao Dong and the practical innovation of domestic agricultural machinery production enterprises such as hanwo agricultural equipment, the greenhouse agricultural mechanization will be able to advance steadily, and the resulting vegetable income growth and wealth creation model can also be popularized and applied in a wider range, We look forward to sharing the harvest joy brought by agricultural mechanization with more greenhouse vegetables chuangfuda people!

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