HANWO-means "strong power, galloping wild".

After more than 20 years of development, Shandong Hanwo Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. has become China's leading intelligent manufacturing enterprise of agricultural equipment, which covers tractors, harvesting machinery, and forage machinery. It covers an area of 600 mu, with assets of 1 billion yuan and more than 1,000 employees.

The main products of Hanwo include 25-260 horsepower tractors, corn harvesters, and forage machinery.

In 2021, it achieved sales revenue of 1 billion yuan, ranking in the first echelon of China's agricultural machinery equipment industry. The sales volume of Hanwo tractors above 100 horsepower has ranked first in the industry for three consecutive years.

In 2022, the Hanwo brand tractor won the industry's top honorary titles such as "National Agricultural Machinery Customer Satisfaction Brand" and "China Machinery Industry Design Innovation Competition Gold Award" for the fourth time in a row.


Technology --Technology is powerful, innovation leads to development.

The Hanwo R&D Center has more than 200 R&D personnel, and has established a unique industrial design team in the industry. It has realized the independent design and independent production of core components; it has obtained more than 70 invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents.

Aiming at the present and looking to the future, Hanwo firmly grasps product design, R&D, and manufacturing in its own hands. Its R&D and innovative design capabilities such as the appearance of the whole machine, power matching, and machine-tool integration rank first in the country.

Green Hanwo, low-carbon development, Hanwo always adheres to the concept of green empowerment development and takes the lead in completing the four-stage engine emission verification in China.

Hanwo's large-horsepower tractors won the "Governor's Cup Industrial Design Competition" award and "The Most Favorite Tractor Brand of Intensive Cultivation Cup Users"; Hanwo's R&D Center was recognized as a municipal "Enterprise Technology Center", and Hanwo was recognized as a "High-tech enterprises”.


Production—Modern Intelligent Factory

The Hanwo digital factory has been fully put into operation, and the industry's first intelligent warehousing system has been built to realize the automation and intelligence of warehousing and logistics; the custom-developed ERP system has realized the whole process information sharing from order reporting, quality control to complete machine sales. Eight advanced production lines such as intelligent final assembly production and automatic chassis production have been introduced, and advanced equipment such as laser cutting machines and welding robots have been invested. The annual production capacity of 50,000 sets of various types of tractors is at the forefront of the industry.


Quality - Quality Wins Development

Hanwo adheres to the concept of "quality wins development", the self-manufacturing ratio of product parts is at the forefront of the industry. The core components such as chassis are assembled by a special production line, and the quality control and inspection equipments such as parts cleaning and fully automatic running-in tables are purchased. 

The promotion route for the industrial workers (junior workers - intermediate workers - senior workers - technicians - craftsmen) ensures the high stability of the industrial team and is the source of quality assurance. In addition, the four inspection processes of "parts inspection, vehicle off-line inspection, commissioning and storage inspection, and commodity delivery inspection" are set up to strengthen our products  quality control.                                                                                                                                                                               

Focusing on product application, the established "Analysis and Improvement Section" is responsible for driving market feedback on quality and product application issues to conduct special analyses, and promote continuous "commercial reform".


Service - Mature Products & Continuous and Efficient Parts Guarantee

Hanwo's export products are mature resources developed according to the characteristics of overseas markets, with the characteristics of continuity and stability, strong product continuity, and a stable supply of spare parts.

The ERP system that independently developed by Hanwo can ensure the accuracy of the parts supply.

There is a special "market parts center " in the factory to ensure the rapid supply of original parts. At the same time, a special reserve is established for old models to ensure the continuous supply of parts for more than 10 years.


Future - Based on "agriculture", Rapid growth

Hanwo will continue to work hard on the "agriculture". The second phase of Hanwo's digital factory is about to be completed. The provincial key project "Agricultural Wisdom Valley" carried by Hanwo has started. At that time, Hanwo will become a comprehensive modern & intelligent agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise with two major industrial bases & industry comprehensive storage center, with sales revenue exceeding 5 billion yuan, ranking the top three in the industry, and will contribute to the promotion of high-quality agricultural development!