"Smart Hummer"! The true feelings of the trainees from the training course of the terminal
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From November 24 to 25, the 2020 China Agricultural Mechanization Information Network informant, national agricultural machinery promotion and safety supervision information publicity training course was held in Weifang. More than 150 leaders and propagandists in charge of agricultural mechanization publicity from agricultural mechanization departments (committees and bureaus) of agricultural and rural (agriculture and animal husbandry) departments (committees and bureaus) and agricultural machinery test and appraisal institutions in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan (including corps and agricultural reclamation) participated in the training.

During the inspection, the students were surprised by the fierce words and the new equipment, and the students showed their admiration for the excellent style of the factory. The following is the excellent writing of the trainees of the training course. Let's enjoy it together and feel the intelligent "acceleration" of humvo agricultural equipment!

Intellectualization promotes Hummer agricultural machinery to run out of "acceleration"

On the afternoon of November 24, the 2020 China Agricultural Mechanization Information Network informant and the trainees of the national agricultural machinery promotion and safety supervision information publicity training course went to Shandong hanwo Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. to visit the tractor intelligent production workshop, the magnetic stripe guided intelligent transport vehicle AGV, intelligent cargo sorting and other intelligent agricultural machinery production equipment, We also watched driverless Tractors Equipped with Beidou navigation system.

Intelligent welding. Different from the traditional welding workshop, there are not many welding workers and little smoke in humvok's welding workshop. Instead, advanced welding robots are used. After the skilled workers set the welding procedure, the robot will skillfully weld the parts, greatly improving the operation efficiency, and the welds are more exquisite and beautiful.

Intelligent assembly. In the final assembly workshop, each station is clean and tidy, the parts are placed in order, the air wrench is working, and all nuts are screwed in a short time. There is no forklift in the workshop, but multiple AGV trolleys shuttle among them and orderly transport the parts required for assembly to the production line in the warehouse. Advanced assembly line operation assembles all parts into a finished tractor.

Intelligent three-dimensional storage. The equipment is adjacent to the general assembly workshop. The four rows of shelves are full. The pick-up device automatically picks up the goods on the corresponding rack according to the computer program, which is very accurate and efficient.

Founded in 2003, the company is a company that produces and sells large and medium-sized wheeled tractors and supporting agricultural machines and tools. After three technological upgrades, it plans and constructs with high standards and high starting points. It is equipped with industry-leading final assembly line, coating electrophoresis line, intelligent three-dimensional storage system, the most advanced laser cutting machine, welding robot, loading and running in test bench and other instruments and equipment, With an annual production capacity of 30000 large tractors, it has gradually embarked on the development of intelligent agricultural machinery.

The deep integration of mechanization and intellectualization has made hanwo agricultural machinery run out of "acceleration" on the road of intelligent agricultural development, which will certainly promote the rapid development of agricultural modernization.

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