9YF-2.2 BalerBaler
9YF-2.2 BalerBaler


  • Pickup width:2200mm
  • Hook up mode:Traction type
  • Bale specification:800*450*350mm

The technical advantages of Hanwo 9YF-2.2 straw feed baler products:

I. Fully automatic packaging operation, high work efficiency

1. From picking up, smashing, softening, dusting, compacting, and automatic bagging in one go, bundling 2 to 3 bags per minute, quick speed;

2. Automation replaces manpower, reduces labor intensity and difficulty, makes operation simple, and improves efficiency;

3. The corn and other straws that are out of the package have a good rubbing effect and high quality, and cattle and sheep like to eat them.

II. It can be sold with Hanwo 2104-S tractor, a golden combination, a machine to get rich.

1. Form a golden partner with the brand new 24+8 gear tractor of Hanwo 2104-S, the best combination of machines to get rich;

2. The electronic screen monitoring system is standard in the cab of the Hanwo 2104-S tractor, which monitors the operation status of the baler throughout the process;

 III. Rack and compression chamber are sturdy and reliable, 100% electrophoretic coating

1. The frame and the compression chamber are welded by robots, which ensures the strength and reliability of the frame and the compression chamber.

2. The whole car is electrophoresed, with the excellent print quality and good anti-corrosion performance.

IV, the automatic control electronic control system has stable quality and good reliability

1. Anti-overload weighing is adopted, which is more accurate and not easy to damage;

2. The network disconnection mechanism has the patent of Hanwo, which is more reliable;

3. Fully automatic controller, high efficiency, and low energy consumption;

4. Hall sensor, sensitive and accurate.

5. The electronic control core components are from top domestic suppliers with the highest reliability.

V. The design of the picker and the secondary crushing device is newly upgraded, and the straw crushing and kneading effect is good.

1. The 22 hammer claw shafts of the picker are arranged in a double helix, with large suction and cleaner picking;

2. The bearing models of hammer claw shaft, auger shaft, and secondary powder shaft are unified, which is convenient for maintenance;

3. Both the fan casing and the pulverizer casing are made of removable wear-resistant steel plates;

VI. The vertical rotary sieve has good dust removal and snow removal effect

The factory comes standard with a vertical rotary screen, hydraulic motor drive, the dust removal rate is as high as 99.5%, and the dust removal effect is more obvious.