HWE SERIESMedium tractor
HWE SERIESMedium tractor

HANWO TE&DTE series tractor is powered by  4 cylinder direct injection diesel engine, power from 25HP to 50HP. It is equipped with 8F+2R Collar Shift, optional 8F+8R Shuttle Shift. It has 35 or 50L fuel tank,bringing a better range of the same class. TE&DTE series tractor with optional flat floor, heater cab, have the characteristics of high comfort, good reliability, multiple functions, strong practicability, etc., bringing you a new experience of high efficiency, multi-function, long-lasting power, and comfortable operation.

  • Engine power (/):25/ 35/ 40/ 50 HP
  • Driving form (/):4WD
  • Gear (/):8+8,8+2

Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.

Standard 8F+2R shift, optional 8F+8R shift.

Optional reinforced front and rear axles, equipping with constructional implements , such as front loader &backhoe, etc.

Optional flat floor, heater cab, suitable for cold working conditions.

Optional grass tires, OTR tires.

Passed EC European and North American certification.