HWG SERIESLarge tractor
HWG SERIESLarge tractor

Hanwo TG series tractor is installed with Shangchai 6-cylinder engine. It has the large fuel tank,bringing a better range of the same class. It can optional installation of air conditioning cabin and reverse image,bringing you a new experience of high efficiency, multi-function, long-lasting power, and comfortable operation.

  • Engine power (/):180/160HP
  • Driving form (/):4WD
  • Gear (/):16+16

●Equipped with world famous Weichai or Shangchai engine, low fuel consumption.

●Adjusting the engine according to the working conditions.

●LUK clutch,

●Chassis cooling is suitable for long-term working.

●Optional Electronical controlling lifter.

●Super strong chassis, 16+16 synchronizer shift.

●Optional radial tires, rear dual wheels.