HWS SERIESLarge tractor
HWS SERIESLarge tractor

Hanwo, started in 2002 for 20 years, adhered to ingenuity, lived up to the original intention, and only won customers for quality. Hanwo 2004/2104/2304 high-horsepower tractors, Hanwo TS series tractor is installed with ShangChai SC7H engine.powerful power, galloping wild, come to your beloved land. New upgraded-Hanwo the whole series of high-horsepower tractors are based on the land and serve hundreds of millions of people.

  • Engine power (/):200/210/230/260HP
  • Driving form (/):4WD
  • Gear (/):16+16

●Super strong chassis,

●International renowned Weichai or Shangchai famous engine,

●Standard LUK clutch.

●16F+16R or 32F+32R gears, wider selection, which can be adjusted according to the working conditions.

●Optional Electronical controlling lifter.

●Radial tires, dual rear wheels.