Garden TractorGreenhouse King Tractor
Garden TractorGreenhouse King Tractor

In order to fully meet the operation needs of agricultural machinery such as hilly, mountainous areas, greenhouses and orchards . HANWO agricultural equipment launched Garden Tractor which powered by 4 - cylinder direct injection diesel engine, power from 40-50HP, equipped with 8F+2R Collar Shift.It has 35 or 50L fuel tank,bringing a better range of the same class.  Its smaller whole dimenions, better passing performance for garden, orchard, vineyard working. Its lowest height is 1200mm, and Under-mounted exhaust, better working in the small space. 

  • Engine power (/) :40/50 HP
  • Driving form (/):4WD
  • Gear (/):8F+2R

●The "Greenhouse King" series tractors are equipped with famous brand four-cylinder engines with strong power.

●Standard differential lock, unilateral braking system, and standard single and two-speed rear power output, matching different chassis can realize the extension of each horsepower segment.

●Small and exquisite in size, compact in structure, and small turning radius, it is suitable for operation in narrow plots such as orchards and greenhouses.

●When plowing and rotary plowing in ordinary greenhouses, there is no need to pull out piles and leave no dead ends. The plowing depth and rotary crushing speed are greatly improved compared with ordinary single-cylinder "small four-wheel" and pastoral management machines and have higher work efficiency. Efficiency and quality.

●It is widely used in arable land, ditching, fertilization, soil crushing, spraying, and other operations in vegetable, flower greenhouses, and gardens. It is an ideal machine for vegetable planting and garden management.

●It has all the functions of a tractor with the same horsepower and can complete almost all field operations, making it a versatile tractor.