Round Straw BalerBaler
Round Straw BalerBaler

●Stable performance.

●The frame plates of the front and rear cabins of the whole machine are thickened.

●Strengthen the traction beam.

●No retainer pickup.

●Force feeding.

●Bold and thickened rollers.

●Imported BEKA automatic lubrication system.

●Automatic winding mechanism.

  • Pickup width::2200
  • Hook up mode::Traction type
  • Bale specification::Φ1200x1400mm

1, The frame of the whole machine is thickened, the use of manganese steel material, to ensure that the box does not expand and wear-resistant. The rear frame is driven by two sides to reduce the impact on the opening and closing of the rear bin.

2, pick up: the standard is with CAM disc ring pick up, suitable for all kinds of working environment, ring with hinge type, easy to replace spring teeth, easy to replace rail bearings; Optional camless disc pick up, improve work efficiency, spring gear replacement is convenient.

3, roller: shaft head with round nut lock, firm and reliable, longer service life; The shaft head and the roller can be disassembled, the follow-up maintenance cost is low, which solves the problem of changing the assembly when the traditional baling machine's roller breaks; Shaft head and roller spline connection strength is good, roller bearing seat non-standard customization, good durability.

4, the electric control system for novice users customized action monitoring and corresponding prompts, to ensure that master the working steps.

5, lubrication system: bearing maintenance free, and then with centralized oil injection. All parts of the lubrication system adopt the world class German BEKA-SMST automatic oil filling and centralized oil filling system.