This series of products is designed for four rows against the row, using roller cutting table technology, equipped with hydrostatic drive system, one handle operation, strong adaptability, can meet the needs of different regions of the operation.

  • engine power::176KW
  • Working line number:Four
  • Number of peeling rolls:20

● Hanwo 4YZ-4A corn harvester can complete ear picking, ear peeling, ear box collection, straw returning and other operations of mature corn at one time;

●Matching Weichai engine, standard Linde hydraulic hydrostatic hydraulic drive system; Direct pump design, stable performance, saving fuel consumption;

● Harvest 4 rows, row spacing using 580/500/580mm, cutting platform diahe conveyor chain for the wrong row design, agronomic adaptability;

● Peeling machine adopts 5 groups of 20 rubber rolls, high stripping rate;

● Medium straw returning, 6.8 meters long, flexible turning;