Hanwo digital factory is fully completed and put into operation
Author:Hanwo / Date of publication:2022-12-08 08:16:28

        On the morning of November 30th, the ceremony of the rolling tractor was held in the digital factory. It marks the completion and production of the first and second phases of Hanwo Digital Factory, and the tractor business of Hanwo has entered a new development stage of plant integration, resource aggregation and capacity upgrading.


        Hanwo digital factory covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with a total investment of nearly 1 billion Chinese yuan. It is built in two phases based on the ultra-high standard of "factory conditions audit". In July 2020, the first phase of Hanwo was put into operation. This time, the production line of the tractor is not only a milestone in the construction of the second phase project, but also a historic moment for the three businesses of tractor, harvesting machinery and forage machinery to enter the fast track of development.

        Hanwo R & D Center has more than 40 professional design engineers, and more than 30 process, trial production and test personnel,it has the industry-leading complete machine design, covering parts modeling design and development, engine matching development, hydraulic design, electrical appliances and electronic control design, transmission system design ability and trial production verification ability.

        Hanwo wholly acquired the well-known industrial design team in the industry, and the complete machine design of "Hanwo high-horsepower tractor" led by the team won the "Gold medal of the second National Machinery Industry Design Innovation Competition".It has a production and research and development site of more than 100,000 square meters, supporting 12 information final assembly lines, laser cutting machine, welding robot, spraying robot, processing center, intelligent three-dimensional storage, ultrasonic cleaning line, cathode electrophoresis coating line and more than 300 sets of advanced equipment.

        Therefore, a strong parts and parts self-made ability has been formed. At present, more than 30% of the parts have been completely self-made, which provides a reliable guarantee for both product quality and parts supply.


        The enterprise has also set up a perfect quality management system. Starting from supplier access, the whole value chain quality management is carried out in the form of regular quality analysis meetings around new product development, product BOM introduction, process tooling application, etc., forming a wide awareness of quality management among all staff, and ensuring the design quality and physical quality of Hanwo products.

        Innovative product research and development capabilities, leading manufacturing capacity and strong channel distribution capabilities, to achieve the healthy and rapid development of Hanwo agricultural equipment business. On November 1, Hanwo was identified as "leading enterprise of agricultural machinery industry" by China Machinery Industry Federation."We will take this as an opportunity to continue to give full play to the advantages of leading enterprises in research and development, manufacturing and driving, and continue to contribute to the development of agricultural mechanization and the progress of agricultural machinery industry!

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