The first Hanwo corn harvester rolled off the production line
Author:Hanwo / Date of publication:2023-03-08 09:10:52

        The first Hanwo corn harvester was successfully rolled off the production line in the Hanwo digital factory.It marks the beginning of a new journey of tractor + machinery + harvester comprehensive development for Hanwo agricultural equipment business.


Start a new journey, the milestone of the upgrading of the Hanwo brand

       Mao Xiaoliang, chairman of Hanwo Agricultural Equipment, said that"This is a historic moment for the development of the enterprise, but also an important milestone for Hanwo brand to achieve leapfrogging and upgrading!" With the mass production of Hanwo corn machine and the rapid construction of the Phase II project of Hanwo Digital Factory and the Hanwo "Agricultural Intelligent Valley" project, Hanwo will become a large agricultural equipment R&D and manufacturing center of tractors, harvesters and agricultural machinery in the next 3-5 years. Hanwo will continue to deepen technological innovation and service upgrading, accelerate the application of digital and intelligent technology and equipment, and build a technologically intelligent, green and environmentally friendly modern benchmark factory.


Tailor-made for the Central Plains region, more efficient and more reliable


      The small row space structure is suitable for intensive planting and harvesting making the regional adaptability better.The front-cutting and back-powder returning device has a balanced center of gravity making the whole machine runs smoothly. The removed corn leaves are put in the middle so the smashing effect is better when entering the returning machine.

      Large-capacity rollover fruit ears Box design is practical and convenient and can reduce auxiliary time.5 sets of 20-roller pThe small row space structure is suitable for intensive planting and harvesting making the regional adaptability better.The front-cutting and back-powder returning device has a balanced center of gravity making the whole machine runs smoothlyLarge-capacity rollover fruit ears Box design is practical and convenient and can reduce auxiliary time.

      5 sets of 20-roller peeling machine peels corn cleanly with lower loss.The simplified structure of the whole machine, short body and the small turning radius make it become the first choice for corn harvesting in Central Plains and Northeast China.Hanwo 4YZ-4A corn harvester adopts roller header, which has small grain loss and large lifting range of the header. Hanwo corn harvester adopts hydrostatic drive technology and electronically controlled one-lever joystick, which is easy to operate, high in efficiency and low in fuel consumption.The Weichai 240 horsepower 6-cylinder engine, new peeling machine, luxury cab, suspension seats and other luxury features are available. 

      Large granary, large wide field returning machine, double steering oil cylinder and the top of the lifter matched with enhanced miscellaneous exhaust fan can effectively reduce the burden of the peeling machine, improve operation efficiency. 


      At the scene of the ceremony, the motor of the first Hanwo 4YZ-4A ear-picking corn harvester started and rolled off the production line smoothly. Hanwo R&D, procurement, manufacturing, quality and marketing personnel witnessed this glorious moment.

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