Green Hanwo, low carbon boosts development.
Author:Hanwo / Date of publication:2023-03-16 15:33:42

Green Hanwo, low carbon boosts development. 


      Hanwo always adheres to the concept of green empowerment development. The independently self-developed new straw baler and other advanced applicable equipment can complete several processes such as straw collection, transportation, compaction, and baling at one time, effectively solving the problems of straw transportation and straw burning , to achieve the perfect fusion of green and quality.


Smart Hanwo, digital empowerment development.

      Taking advantage of strategy of converting old and new kinetic energy, Hanwo Digital Factory has been fully put into operation, built the industry's first intelligent storage system, and realized the automation and intelligence of storage logisticsThe customized ERP system realizes the information sharing of the whole process from order submission, quality control to the whole machine sales.



    With the introduction of 8 advanced production lines such as intelligent assembly production and fully automatic chassis production, and the input of advanced equipment such as laser cutting machine and welding robot, our company can produce 30,000 sets of tractors of various models annually.

      The production capacity ranks the forefront of the industry, and the sales volume of tractors above 200 horsepower ranks the first in the industry for three consecutive years.

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