High quality new product! The whole series of Hanwo unveils at the 2023 Spring Conference
Author:Hanwo / Date of publication:2023-03-18 15:35:47

       On March 18, the 2023 National Agricultural Machinery and Parts Exhibition was held in Zhumadian, Henan. Hanwo Agricultural Equipment participated in the exhibition with a full range of tractors, corn harvesters and forage machinery. Hanwo round baler "Golden Combination", Hanwo 4YZJ-4A Corn Harvester and Hanwo 2304 high-horsepower tractor and other upgraded products became the focus of attention of the audience.  During the exhibition, Hanwo T704-C was selected as the "2022 Best Special Purpose Tractor" by the organizing committee, which fully demonstrated the strong strength of Hanwo in R&D, innovation and new technology promotion.


                            The scene of the exhibition

参观主会场 拖拉机.jpg

                                                           Hanwo T704-C tractor won the "Best Special Purpose Tractor" award

                                                                   A new generation of self-developed hood and cab

                                                                   Simple atmosphere, practical and beautiful

                                                             New flat floor instrument panel, enhanced clutch, comfortable seat

                                                                  New upgrades to meet user needs


                    Hanwo 4YZ-4A ear picking type and Hanwo 4YZJ-4A stem and ear harvesting corn harvester participated in the exhibition

                                                   This series of products is designed for four rows

                                                     Using new header technology, hydrostatic drive system

                                                    One handle operation, strong reliability, wide adaptability



                                                    Hanwo 2104 tractor and the round baler make the "golden combination"

                                                                Forced feeding, strengthened frame,

                                                                  High efficiency, more reliable

       At present, Hanwo R&D Center has more than 60 professional design engineers, more than 30 personnel in the craft, trial production and test department. And the overall machine design, cover part modeling design and development, engine matching development, hydraulic design, electrical and electronic control design, transmission system design capability and trial production verification capability are leading the industry.

The design of the "Hanwo High-horsepower Tractor" led by Hanwo Design Team won the "Gold Award in the Second National Machinery Industry Design Innovation Competition"


      Hanwo will make persistent efforts in the future, continue to increase investment in R&D and production, and design to produce more efficient, high-quality, and intelligent agricultural machinery


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